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Environmental Systems Engineering for:

Natural Resource Management

Public Administration Processes

Disaster Impact Mitigation


Systems Mapping


Administrative and Procedural Integrations between Integrated Disaster Management (IDM), Integrated Environmental Management (IEM) and Integrated Development Planning (IDP) within PAJA and Strategic Development Planning Governance Frameworks, RSA


Bioregional Resilience: Value, Infrastructure and Governance Flows


Custodianship, Complexity and Co-Management: Millwood Indigenous Forest Socio-Ecological Systems Interface and Ecological Awareness Raising, GRNP RSA 

Development Facilitation


Multi-Party Enviro-Legal Development Planning System and Contract Framework, Garden Route RSA

Economic Modelling


Precinct-based Municipal Rates and Services Modelling, Garden Route RSA

Resource Modelling


Multi-Sector Integrated Water Resource Management and Scenario Planning System, Stellenbosch RSA

Enviro-Legal Specialist Input


Impofu Grid Connection NEMA EIA Process Negotiation, Multi-Sectoral Screening Matrix Review and Best Practical Environmental Option (BPEO) Re-Alignment, Cacadu District and Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan District RSA


Policy Matrix and Multi-Perspective BPEO Scenario Planning - Spier Integrated Strategic Development Plan 2020-2050



IDM-IEM-IDP Development Activity Systems and Environmental Health Custodianship: Participatory Risk & Resilience Management

Many Cultures, Many Arts: The Polycentric Global Psyche in 21C Infrastructure Systems and Opportunities for Design, Data, and Art in Public Places

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> Multi-Disciplinary Environmental Health Working Group and Participation Portal

> IEEE SA - P2418.3 - Standard for the Framework of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Use in Agriculture

> IEEE SA - P2418.10 - Standard for Blockchain-based Digital Asset Management